Idea Zone

Have an Idea to Develop Your Own Wine, Whiskey or a Vodka Brand? Let IBWSS Suppliers Help You Create Your Brand Without a Distillery or a Winery.

Whether you have your own recipe or just a rough idea of what your product should taste like, IBWSS exhibitors from all over the world can support you in the creation of your new product.

From the world’s leading negotiants will helping you source the best grapes from any part of the world, to the likes of distilleries like Vinet-Delpech and Terressentia and many others which can help you create your own rum, tequila or whiskey brand along with the leading private label and bulk wine suppliers from US, Australia, Austria, South Africa, Spain and other countries who can help you bottle your brand with their wine. The show will be complemented with leading design firms which can help you design your idea into a label or a package and legal firms who can help you structure your private label contracts.

The event is focused on providing you with an end to end solution to create your own brand. It's like walking in with an idea and finding all the suppliers there to make it happen. IBWSS is where you can find a supply partner for almost any category of wine or spirits from all over the world. Please email us to get more information on how the program works.