Jean-Marie Aurand

General Director, OIV

Jean-Marie Aurand has held various important responsibilities within the French Ministry for Agriculture since 1975 before his election at the head of the International Organisation for Wine and Vine.


Mr. Aurand has held various positions involving many important responsibilities in the wine sector. He has conducted several professional and technical coordination missions in DIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) member States, in the European Union, North and South America, Africa and Asia. As such, he was involved in the initiative to launch a cooperation program with China in the wine sector.

He was at the head of the French delegation to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine from 1994 to 1998. In this capacity, he took part in the meetings in Cape Town (South Africa) in 1996, and in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1997, during which the 01V renewal process was launched. Moreover, for several years, he was in charge of supervising ONIVINS (the French wine office) and SOPEXA (Society for the wider sale of agricultural products), the Organisation in charge of promoting French agrifood products (notably wines and spirits) internationally. As such, he was responsible for establishing and implementing the wine-sector policy in France.

As the French Governments Commissioner to the INAO (French national institute of the designation of origin) for almost four years, he was the State representative to the Institute responsible for acknowledging and safeguarding protected designations of origin.

Finally, under the authority of the French Minister for Agriculture, he led the French negotiations during the last two reforms of the Common Market Organisation for Wine, and then ensured their implementation in France, in close collaboration with the national representatives of wine producers and wine companies. He thus acquired an excellent understanding of the technical and economic issues in the sector, in Europe and around the world. His first job was in a Department Directorate for Agriculture in the south-west of France, where he worked on the ground and was in charge of implementing the agricultural policy in direct contact with farmers. In this capacity, he was one of the architects of the development of the Marcillac wine producing area and its classification as a Protected Designation of Origin.

He was also involved in modernizing two wine cellars (design and follow-up of the facilities). important responsibilities within the Ministry for Agriculture: His different positions within the Ministry for Agriculture (firstly as Head of the International Relations Department, then Head of the Production and Markets Department, and, finally, Director General of Farming, Agri-food and Territorial policies) involved important high-level responsibilities in drafting, negotiating and implementing French and European agricultural policies for over fifteen years. As such, he was actively involved in the different European Common Agricultural policy reforms and acquired great experience in negotiating.

This experience comes from his involvement in EU negotiations. In addition, Mr. Aurand has participated in multi-lateral negotiations, firstly within the framework of the Uruguay Round of GATT negotiations, and, more recently, the WTO (World Trade Organisation) Doha round of negotiations on agriculture. As the Agricultural Attaché to the French Embassy in Madrid at the time Spain became a member of the European Union, he contributed to the development of economic relations between the two countries. As a true connoisseur of Spanish wine production,

he promoted the development of trade relations between French and Spanish companies in the wine sector. As the Director General for European and International Economic Policies, he took part in several United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAQ). Finally, he was at the head of the French delegation to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) for four years.


Agronomist engineer, graduated from the Institut National Agronomique Paris Grignon (AgroParisTech).
General engineer for Bridges, Water and Forestry.
Languages: French, English, Spanish

Awards and Distinctions -
- Officier de la Légion d’Honneur (Officer of the Legion of Honour)
- Chevalier du Mérite National (Knight of the Order of National Merit)
- Chevalier du Mérite Maritime (Knight of the Order of Maritime Merit) 
- Commandeur du Mérite Agricole (Commander of the Order of Agricultural Merit)