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Bulk Spirits Suppliers in Europe

Take a brief look at the leading bulk spirits suppliers of Europe, serving a wide variety of bulk spirits with best quality by value ratio.


Bulk Wine & Spirits

Bulk Wine & Spirits Bulk Wine & Spirits is a leading supplier of bulk spirits and has an ability to manage the services in a wide variety of spirits and bulk alcohols. Due to their extensive experience in bulk wine and spirits sector, they have a wide database of customers and international agents who are constantly placing demands for all kinds of spirits in bulk. They promote and manage the sale of all kinds of spirits and alcohol in bulk. The company serves their clients by analyzing their needs and finding solutions to optimize their time and cost.

Rudolf Prehn

Rudolf PrehnRudolf Prehn was established in 1930 and has been a pioneer in wine, spirits and alcohol industry. With a third generation family business, they have invested heavily in joint ventures to become a leading supplier of spirits, wine, and ethanol. The company is serving with product development, logistics and insurance, documentation and analysis and technical advice for bottling and blending. Rudolf Prehn develops customized products as per the client’s unique requirements. They work hand in hand with some of the largest beverage companies in the world to develop new and innovative products.


AlvisaAlvisa was founded in 1969 by the Adolfo Fernandez. With international clients well known for their wines and brandies, Alvisa has provided them with the best "Hollanders" wine and spirits. The company is specialist in single varietals wines with appellation La Mancha and presents a wide range of red and white wines, as well as Table Wines. Alvisa has a production capacity of almost 40M liters in barrels and tanks. To elaborate white wines and to store wines there are tanks of 35M liters of different capacities since 30.000 liters to 2 million liters.


EthimexEthimex is a UK based company with over 16 years of experience in the industrial ethanol and beverage spirits market. They are very active in supplying of alcohol to, from and within Europe and recognized for their regional trading activities in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, America, and Australasia. Ethimex is the leading bulk spirits supplier in Europe, providing a high level of service and precision which their clients have come to expect from them.  The company supplies a comprehensive range of over 10 grades premium ethanol and over 30 typed of beverage spirits.

Global Spirits

Global SpiritsGlobal Spirits was established in 2008 and is a global leading supplier of alcohol beverages. The mission of the company is to ensure the presence of products of the Global Spirits in the U.S retail market. They combine the core spirits production businesses of Ukraine and the USA. Global Spirits includes facilities for vodka, liqueur, cognac, brandy, wine, champagne, vermouth, and low alcohol beverage products.

Alcohols Limited

Alcohols LimitedAlcohols Limited was established in 1955 and is a chemical distribution company. Their potable drinks division produces and supplies a number of products including gin and vodka to much high profile own label or branded customers at an international level. The company is equipped with dedicated bulk storage, drumming and intermediate bulk container lines. Alcohols Limited is proud of being able to provide a professional but flexible approach to business.

Quintessential Brand Group

Quintessential Brands GroupQuintessential Brand Group is pioneering spirits since 1761. This is an independent spirits business, with an exciting and diverse portfolio of premium brands and world-class production capabilities in the UK, Ireland, and France. Their service includes the creation of new formulas, product extensions and replicating or refining liquids. The company has a capacity to handle containers from 1000 liter IBC’s up to 25000 Liters. Quintessential Brand Group with a global reach, and brand building capabilities, it distributes and supplies customers around the globe.

Crafted Spirits Distillery

Crafted spiritsCrafted Spirits Distillery has proven the track record of meeting the high expectations of customers, including craft distillers through leading brand owners and own label partners alike. They have a production facility in France, where they distill, source and bottle a wide range of high-quality spirits. The company delivers a complete solution for bulk liquids, with production facilities in Ireland and France. Crafted Spirits Distillery has the expertise to produce various spirits and source a wide range of high-quality liquids.

L & L Spirits

L&L SpiritsL & L Spirits has acquired 30 years of expertise in developing, producing and packaging spirits. They began with the innovation and the idea of combining natural passion fruit with the finesse of Cognac. The company has implemented a clear transparent policy of quality to satisfy the demands and specific needs of their clients. Today, L&L is part of Quintessential Brands Group-an independent, international spirits company based in the UK. L&L Spirits delivers a complete solution for bulk liquids with the help of Quintessential Brands Group.