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Bulk Wine Producers of Australia

Take a Brief Look at Australia’s Bulk Wine Producers, Offering Bulk Wine Directly from Australian Vineyards & Wineries.


Australian wines are known for its excellent vintages providing an insight into different types of wines. Bulk wine producers of Australia are integrated to vineyards, boutique, and bulk wine production, packaging, marketing and distribution, serving buyers with the best choice, and sellers the opportunity when dealing with Australian bulk wine.  

Australian Vintage LTD

Australian Vintage LTDAustralian Vintage LTD produces outstanding and innovative wines that plead to all wine enthusiasts around the world. They offer the complete wine solution, from wine products to services, that extend from established brands, private label, winemaking and sourcing through wine market, packaging and logistical solutions for today’s global market. The company supplies bulk wine to small, medium and large sized domestic and international customers. Australian Vintage LTD is proud to work with some of the world’s leading wine retailers including Woolworths, Coles, Tesco and Sainsbury’s amongst other in the UK market.

South Australian Wine Group

South Australian Wine GroupSouth Australian Wine Group is a leading producer of South Australian bulk wine. They sell the wine on the behalf of its sister’s company, Riverland Vintner, one of the largest wine service business located at Monash in the Riverland, South Australia. The company blends wine and make adjustments as per the buyers’ price and quality requirements. South Australian Wine Group service also includes storing of wines, bottling service and export documentation. Their wines come from the family-owned vineyards and managed by growers who take great pride in the quality of their product.


Austwine Austwine is a South Australian family owned company, providing bulk wine opportunities to the world since 1993. They serve buyers with the best choice, and sellers the opportunities when dealing with Australian bulk wine. The company exports 20-25 million liters per annum, making Australia a leading wine exporter by volume. They supply keys to overseas market including the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Scandinavia, as well as Canada, China, and the US. Austwine has approximately 250 hectares of vineyards along the Murray River to supplement its supply of high-quality grapes and wine from river land and Sunraysia regions.


Winegrapes AustraliaWinegrapes Australia is now grown to craft some of the country’s finest wines using premium Australian wine grapes, available in bulk wine parcels or bottled to their customer’s requirement. They are dedicated to marketing and selling, directly from their extensive network growers.  The company has the largest number of growers from across South Australia, with an expanded offering in both grape varieties and bulk wine.

Kingston Estate

Kingston EstateKingston Estate is an Australia’s bulk wine specialist and a leading exporter of wine across the globe. They dispatch over 50 million liters of wine each year; most of this is exported in 24,000 flexitanks. The company offers reliable, sustainable and consistent bulk wine supply to all quality levels. Kingston Estate can also supply customer needs from one tank of super premium cool climate Shiraz or 50 tanks of SEA Chardonnay drawn down over 12 months.

Growers Wine Group

Growers Wine GroupGrowers Wine Group was established in the 1940’s and is a strategically positioned on the eastern perimeter in the key grape Riverland, South Australia. They offer the services from the winemaking process and ferment through to wine ready for bottling, including pre-vintage grape analysis, laboratory services, and wine management for both domestic and international wine sales.  The company produces wine from some of Australia’s best-known wine brands; their wines are expertly crafted to express the true personality of each variety.

Blaxland Wine Group

Blaxland Wine GroupBlaxland Wine Group was founded in 1995 and developed a number of vineyards in order to supply premium grapes for most major Australian wine companies. They are supplying grapes and extended their product offering to include wines, sold both domestically and internationally, in bulk or bottled or order under a range of stylish labels. Blaxland Wine Group has developed strategic winemaking, sales and distribution alliances around the globe.

Dominic Wines of Australia

Dominic Wines of AustraliaDominic Wines of Australia produces wine in the Riverland region of South Australia, boosting a Mediterranean climate and sits the banks of the mighty Murray River. They source parcels from dedicated vineyards and produces in the other premium regions Barossa valley, Coonawara, Langhorne Creek.  The company is certified to supply organic wines and other varietals, in addition, to be available upon request. Dominic Wines serve a variety of wines from premium to commercial grade at competitive prices.

Alpha Wine Exports

Alpha Wine ExportsAlpha Wine Exports brings the best Australian wines and spirits to the globe. They export a various range of products and a quality product at an affordable pricing. The company can customize a private label or their customers own brand label for export bottling/ packing. Alpha Wine Exports offers full-service capabilities and extend bulk supply to any export market. They export all commercial Mirabella wine with a minimum bulk shipment per type is from 1000 to 24000 liters.