Photo for: Join IBWSS in London: Exhibitor Registration Now Open


Join IBWSS in London: Exhibitor Registration Now Open

Unlock New Opportunities in the Bulk Wine and Bulk Spirits Business at 2019 International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show London.


The IBWSS London 2019 event is the place to be next year in order to stay on top of all the latest bulk wine and private label market trends. And now, for a limited time only, you can take advantage of Early Bird pricing to exhibit or attend the two-day conference at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London. Exhibitor Registration Closes January 31, 2019: £2600. Includes 2 Day Conference Pass.

Unlock new opportunities in the bulk wine and bulk spirits business

Getting involved in the UK bulk wine and private label wine industry is more important than ever. With increasing pressure on retailers, distributors and large on-trade operators to boost revenue and improve profit margins, the bulk wine and private label market offer a number of important new opportunities. At IBWSS London, you could meet new lower-cost suppliers from wine growing regions around the world. You might also meet a new distributor or wholesaler, or find a branding expert who can help you transform bulk wines into hot new private label brands for British consumers.

The choice of which opportunities you choose to unlock in the bulk wine, bulk spirits, and private label business is up to you. Buyers who are looking to buy bulk wine or bulk spirits or develop their own private label brands will be able to connect with the right partners and unlock new channels of growth.

Become part of the dynamic private label market

Increasingly, the world is moving toward a private label business model. Within the UK market, this trend is particularly relevant, as consumers increasingly gravitate toward private label wines at large retailers. At British supermarkets, for example, it is just as likely that a consumer will choose a private label brand bottled in the UK as a traditional wine brand bottled at source.


The same dynamic is true at on-trade establishments in the UK, where private label brands are increasingly viewed as a point of competitive differentiation. It is now possible to create a wine offering that is perfectly tailored to your business brand – everything from the right taste to the right label and the right customer demographic. If you are looking to become part of this exciting new trend, then the IBWSS London 2019 event is the place to be.

Learn how to navigate the global bulk wine and spirits market

In order to be successful in the bulk wine market, you need to understand the key factors driving the global dynamic of supply and demand. Now that the wine market is truly global in nature, it is impossible to ignore how events in one part of the world – such as poor harvests in European producer nations – can impact the price that consumers eventually pay at a retail store located in London. The same thing is true on the demand side of the equation as well, especially with the growth of Asian nations like China as an important source of overall global demand for wine.

That’s why IBWSS London specifically includes talks, seminars, and workshops that can help you better navigate the global bulk wine and spirits market. You will learn how to lock in profit margins and boost revenue, regardless of external market conditions. And you will hear first-hand from speakers who have experience navigating the global bulk wine supply chain.

Meet an all-star lineup of speakers

In addition to the main exhibition hall where buyers and sellers connect over the course of the two-day event, there is also a two-day business conference filled with a long list of impressive, high-profile speakers. The speakers include some of the leading names within the industry, including the following:

Paul Attwood-Philippe, Business Development Director Europe, Vinex

Rob Dixon, Senior Buying Manager (Champagne & Sparkling), Tesco

• Jamie Matthewson, Buying Manager (Beer, Cider, Spirits), Waitrose

Maggie McPherson, Wine Buyer, Enotria Winecellars Ltd.

Mark Meek, CEO, The IWSR

Mark Roberts, Head of Sales, Lanchester Wines

Richard Siddle, Editor in Chief, The Buyer

There will be plenty of opportunities to interact directly with these speakers throughout the event. If you have specific questions or concerns about the bulk wine market or how to create a private label wine brand, this is your chance to hear directly from wine industry professionals.

2018 IBWSS UK Conference

Learn how to bulk up your bottom line

There are many challenging factors in today’s global wine market, and being able to come up with innovative solutions to these problems is key to long-term success. With that in mind, the focus of IBWSS London 2019 is on practical, day-to-day steps that you can be taking to improve the overall performance of your company. If you are looking to bulk up your bottom line, then IBWSS London is the place to be.

At IBWSS London, you will learn about every facet of the bulk wine trade, such as how to streamline your shipping logistics, how to improve the ROI of your wine marketing initiatives, and how to come up with private label wine brands that consumers are going to love. The participants at IBWSS London are producers, négociants, wineries, distilleries, and distributors, and all of them have a unique story to tell. Throughout the event, there will be plenty of opportunities to network with them and find out how you can build new relationships.

Exhibitor Registrations are Closed