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List of Bulk Wine Producers in Spain

Spain – A Kingdom Producing Traditional Spanish Wines & the World’s Largest Wine Exporting Country.


Spanish wine has undergone revolution over the last twenty years and now producing a diverse range of dazzling red, rose and white wines. According to Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OEMV), Last year, Spanish wine export grew 22.3 percent compared to 2013 and reached over 2.28 billion liters, making Spain the largest wine exporting country. Let’s have a look on some of the leading bulk Spanish wine producers, offering the best service in trading bulk and bottled wines and spirits from Spain.

Luxium Wines

Luxium WinesLuxium Wines is a bulk wine producer in Spain and uses the expertise and knowledge to satisfy their customers need around the world. The company is recognized for reliable and extensive bulk wine services, in both volume and quality at the international level. Their main objective is to select the right samples of wine according to the specific needs of their customer and provide them the selected bulk wine. Their goal is to provide the best information, experience, inventory, and service in the global bulk wine market. Luxium Wines offers global bulk wine solutions to their international client base.

Jorge Ordóñez Selections

Jorege ordonez SelectionsJorge Ordóñez Selections believes in seeking out and preserving Spain’s history of grape growing and winemaking, as Spain is the Earth’s largest grape growing region. The company represents producers that embody their philosophy that makes Spain unique in an extensive history of viticulture and enology. Bodegas Alvear is Jorge Ordóñez Selections winery and is one of the most prestigious and oldest family-run wineries in the world. The winery is focused in producing finest wines in Andalucia from the Pedro Ximenez grape. Spanish grape growers and winemakers believe that their wines deserve a place alongside the greatest wines of the world.

Rudolf Prehn

Rudolf PrehnRudolf Prehn was established in 1930 and has been a pioneer in the wine, spirits and alcohol industry. They serve to a variety of industries and some of the world’s largest spirits, food, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturer. All the products of the company are strictly complying with European and other applicable regulations. The grape-based products are corresponding to the rules of the International Organization of Vine & Wine. Rudolf Prehn is the bulk wine producer in Spain, Europe, Greece, and Argentina.

 From Galicia Group

From Galicia GroupFrom Galicia Group (FGG) is a family oriented company and producing its own wines in Galicia region. They are the bulk wine producers in Spain and Galicia. From Galicia Group has a commercial network with more than 20 countries which continues to grow on a yearly basis. They have the collection of groundbreaking wines featuring the best Galician native grapes and also a special edition of two Roja wines. With reliable service, assistance, counseling, and flexibility they help their customers to achieve what they need in the market. The company controls every single detail of the wine production, from the vines, grow and vinification to the label design and marketing process.

Select Wines

Select_Wines Select Wines is committed to selecting the best wines possible for each customer. The mission of the select wines is trading with bulk and bottled wines, alcohol and spirits from Spain. The company supplies bulk wine from different cellars of Spain, and the cellars are equipped with the latest technology which allows them to satisfy the needs of their clients. Select Wines always strive to meet the agreed standards of quality required by their clients. They ship the bulk wines in flexitanks of 240hls, by road 260hls and by vessel up to 50,000hls.


The Winebow Group

The Winebow GroupThe Winebow Group is a family-owned company and a new generation of winemakers and distillers who are dedicated to innovation and quality. They are the bulk wine producers in Spain and produce the wines in Alicante which is a DO (Denominacion de Origen) in the Southeastern autonomia of Valencia. The Winebow Group is passionate about fine wine and spirits, and fortunate to work with the products. The company comprises national import and distribution houses that offer comprehensive portfolios of fine wine and spirits from around the world. The company has reached half of the national wine consumption market with operations in 21 states and the District of Columbia.

Celler De Capcanes Montsant

Celler De Capcanes MontsantCeller De Capcanes Montsant is a bulk wine producer in Spain, in 1995 Capcanes produce kosher wine under the most careful Lo Mevushal methods and the success of this wine was believed as the best kosher wine in the world and also one of the best wines in Spain. During this time Capcanes has the raw materials to produces world-class wines and also the expertise team to achieve it.  Celler De Capcanes Montsant wine is elaborated by Jewish Law under the supervision of the prestigious Rabbinate    Ou from the USA.


Granel Bulk Wine & ConcentratesGranel is equipped with the knowledge to construct bulk wine deals. By providing a customized approach to every client and ensuring that all buyers and sellers pursue the ideal solution to meet their specific goals. Granel works across all American Vinicultural areas to connect their clients with their desired vintages, varieties, and appellations. Their suppliers are in Spain, Italy, France, Chile, Australia, and South Africa that offers Granel the ability to match the stylistic preferences of their customers. The company aims to help their customers to grow their wine program at the best price available.

Alvisa Wines

Alvisa_WinesAlvisa Wines was established in 1969 and produces up to 40 ML of wine materials annually. The company is a specialist in single varietals wines with appellation La Mancha and presents a wide range of red and white wines, and also the table wines. Alvisa Wines have the production capacity of almost 40 M liters in barrels and tanks. They also have the tanks 35 M liters of different capacities to elaborate white wines and to store them.

Bodegas Solano

Bodegas SolanoBodegas Solano was founded in 1999 and is a family business grown from traditional winemaking into the exports of wine. With the help of the vastly experienced team in bulk wine, quality, logistics, and analyzing local and international market conditions. Their bulk wine trading is based on strict quality control standards and methods applied with no concessions. Bodegas Solano mission is to supply the best quality/price ratio product that will suit any given spec.