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Save Time and Money With Private Labels

The 2019 International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show London, UK will focus on new market opportunities with private labels.


The upcoming IBWSS UK, scheduled for March 11-12 2019, has been designed with the needs of buyers from small and large retail chains in mind. The goal of the two-day event helps these participants create a successful private label strategy, and that means learning how these private labels can help them save time and money.

Whether they are meeting potential bulk wine suppliers on the trade show floor of the Royal Horticultural Halls or interacting with leading names in the industry as part of the two-day business conference, retail buyers will learn how private labels can help them boost top-line revenue and improve overall operating margins. IBWSS UK is a perfect opportunity for national chain buyers looking to source and sells right wines for their customers.

Through a series of TED-style talks, workshops and master classes, retail buyers entering the private label market for the first time will learn how to:

Define their value proposition: 

First and most importantly, retail chains have to decide what value they provide to their customers. At the IBWSS 2018 event in London, participants will hear from a number of industry speakers who will outline how they have already created market-leading private label brands.

Find out what their customers really want: 

It’s important to understand the customer’s perspective in order to maximize key performance indicators like customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and repeat orders. By understanding which private labels are already doing well in the UK marketplace, you will gain the necessary insights to create a de novo private label.

Understand how the competition is using private labels: 

Participants will hear from Clive Donaldson, Wine Sourcing Manager at Wm Morrison Supermarkets, who will describe how supermarket chains select their suppliers. Based on these insights, you will have a better idea of how competitors are using private labels.

Maximize their ROI: 

In order to understand the scope of investment required for a private label business, participants will need to understand how they can use current infrastructure to launch a private label service and, if needed, how to increase production. Andrew Catchpole of Harpers Wine & Spirit will lead a roundtable discussion on how retailers can build profitable private label programs.

Find and promote new innovation opportunities: 

Private labels are all about embracing innovation opportunities. For example, to help create new product categories, you could offer innovative blending techniques or new and creative packaging options. During the event, participants will hear from Mark Lansley, Managing Director of Broadland Wineries, who will discuss best practices for private labels.

Spot and recognize new trends: 

Staying ahead of the curve is key, given the fast-changing nature of the UK private label market. With that in mind, Florian Ceschi, Director, Ciatti Europe, will walk participants through the most recent global bulk market report, outlining new trends on the horizon.

Customers love private label wines because they perceive them as offering an optimal mix of price and quality. At IBWSS 2018 in London, you’ll learn how to create the perfect type of private label wine to keep them coming back again and again.

The organizer of IBWSS UK 2019 is Beverage Trade Network, the leading online platform dedicated to connecting the global alcoholic beverage industry. For more details on IBWSS UK 2019, please visit the event website: