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IBWSS UK 2019 Full Conference Program Now Live

The World of Private Label Wine and Spirits Suppliers Comes to UK


The International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (IBWSS) is returning to London in March 2019, and the full conference program of the exciting event is now live. Over the course of the two-day event, participants will hear from some of the leading names within the UK bulk wine and private label market. For anyone thinking of growing their bulk wine or bulk spirits business, the IBWSS UK show will be the place to be in 2019.

The IBWSS UK show will include a mix of conference sessions and panels, all dedicated to the topics of bulk wine, bulk spirits and private label. And the list of speakers for the event includes a who’s who of some of the biggest names in the industry, including the following:

  • Rob Dixon, Senior Buying Manager, Tesco
  • Mark Meek, CEO, The IWSR
  • Alistair Morrell, wine industry consultant
  • Richard Siddle, award-winning business editor
  • Robert Joseph, wine industry consultant
  • Alison Flemming, Export Sales Director, BEI REH Kendermann Gmbh
  • Catherine Mendoza, Wine Broker, Ciatti Europe
  • Maggie McPherson, Wine Buyer, Enotria Winecellars Ltd.

IBWSS UK Speakers

The event is scheduled to kick off with a keynote address from Richard Siddle, editor-in-chief of The Buyer, who will welcome participants to London and discuss the general scope and breadth of the private label and bulk wine market in the UK. At many supermarkets around the UK, for example, private label wines and spirits are now crowding out traditional branded wines, and that has enormous implications for the way people buy and sell wine in today’s globalized wine marketplace.

As Robert Joseph will point out in his presentation, “The Revolution Is Coming,” a combination of different factors – such as the rise of e-commerce giants like Amazon, the globalization of the bulk wine industry, and the recent emergence of the millennial generation as the most important wine buying demographic – has led to a radical re-thinking of how wine should be sold in retail destinations, and what factors are most important for these consumers.

And it’s not just supermarkets, discounters and retail chains that are embracing private label wines and spirits. In her presentation, “Why Bulk Wine Is Relevant In the On-Trade,” Maggie McPherson will offer her perspective on why hotels, bars, restaurants and wine bars are now embracing private label wines. Unlike supermarkets, which primarily view them as a driver of higher margins, these on-trade establishments view them as a point of competitive differentiation. What better way to attract a British wine drinker than by offering a wine that nobody else offers?

Building on this theme, Mark Meek of The IWSR will ask the questions that are front and centre for every wine & spirits retailer: What are consumers really looking for? Why are young millennial drinkers suddenly turning their attention to New World wine destinations like New Zealand and Chile? Why are some varietal wines now being supplanted by blended wines? And how can retailers keep up with the rapid pace of changing customer preferences?

As many of the speakers at the IBWSS UK show will point out, the private label market has undergone a huge transformation in just the past few years. Just a few years ago, for example, bulk wine was generally considered to be of lower quality than wine bottled at source and then shipped to the UK. But new shipping innovations, new business models, and new approaches to bottling in-country have all led to a situation where many consumers now prefer these bulk wines.

Throughout the course of the two-day event, participants will get plenty of hands-on, practical advice about how to grow their own private label wine or spirits business. For example, Rob Dixon of Tesco will guide attendees through various ways that retailers can keep up with the rapid pace of change within the industry.

Moreover, top speakers within the UK and European wine industry will also share their insights and proprietary market data on what types of trends that they are seeing within the UK private label wine market. For example, Catherine Mendoza of Ciatti Europe will share a much closer look at global bulk wine trends and opportunities, focusing on what she is seeing within each of the most important bulk wine producer nations.

At the end of each of the two days of the IBWSS UK show, there will be panel discussions focusing on topics of prominent interest to all participants. For example, at the end of Day 1 of the event, Richard Siddle will host a panel discussion on new wine regions and new wine styles that are currently presenting unique opportunities for private label brand owners. Then, on Day 2 of the event, Alistair Morrell will host a panel discussion specifically focusing on the needs of on-premise buyers.

This mix of conference sessions, panels and Q&A opportunities is the perfect way to learn practical advice on how to grow your bulk wine, bulk spirits or private label business. And, at the same time as this business conference is taking place, participants will be able to check out the booths of the exhibitors on the trade show floor. The event is taking place within the dramatic backdrop of The Royal Horticultural Halls in London, adding to vibrancy and dynamism of the event. The event is relevant for anyone involved in the making, sourcing, buying, shipping, bottling, selling or marketing of bulk wine or spirits.

For more details on how to attend the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show in London, please visit the official this trade show: IBWSS UK.

And for more information on the organizers of the event, Beverage Trade Network (BTN), please click [HERE].