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BioSpirits - Certified Organic Distillery in the Netherlands

BioSpirits - The First Organic Craft Distillery in The Netherlands.


BioSpirits is the first and only 100% certified organic distillery in the Netherlands exclusively processing organically grown raw materials. By using organically grown and certified raw materials, patience, and old-fashioned craftsmanship, the distillery reaches a taste and quality that is often no longer feasible for industrial manufacturers.

BioSpirits is going to exhibit at the 2019 Internation Bulk Wine and Spirits Show in London, the UK on March 11-12, 2019. To meet them at the event, register your Visitor Pass HERE 

BioSpirits Products:

The range of spirits consists of traditional Dutch Genevers, Gin, Rum, Vodka and Eau De Vie.


The traditional Dutch Genevers date back to the late 16th century and were sold as a medicine. Genever is a juniper-based spirit and actually the predecessor of Gin. The traditional Dutch Genevers includes:

1. Young Genever

Young Genever is a traditional Dutch drink which is actually the precursor of the gin that later developed in England. This traditional Dutch drink is distilled from organic rye, corn and barley. After two distillations in our copper pot still, the spirit will be distilled one more time with a bouquet of herbs and spices, especially juniper berries. This young Genever has a refined and fruity taste.

2. Old Genever

Old Genever is a traditional Dutch drink with its warm golden brown colour. This drink is made from 100% pure grain alcohol, maltwine and a balanced distillate of fine herbs and spices. This stored gene has an exclusive taste of herbs, vanilla etc. and is stored on barrels of oak.

3.  Rye Genever

This traditional Dutch Rye Genever consists of 35% alcohol volume. Rye Genever is made from 50% organic rye, 50% organic barley and a balanced distillate of juniper, liquorice and aniseed. This drink is matured shortly on American Oak.

4. Korenwijn

Traditional Dutch Korenwijn is made from organic barley, rye and corn. The korenwijn gets distilled four times over juniper and selected herbs and spices. After the distillation, the korenwijn gets matured on oak barrels to give it soft taste.

5. Fruit Genever, Lemon

Lemon Fruit Genever is traditionally made from organic lemons. The lemon zest gets soaked in young genever for two weeks. This gives the genever its lemon color, scent and taste.

6. Fruit Genever, Black Currant

Black Currant Fruit Genever is traditionally made from organic black currant. The berries are soaked for two weeks which gives the genever its black currant color, scent and taste.

•  Dry Gin

BioSpirits Dry Gin is made from organic winter wheat and a mixture of juniper, liquorice, cinnamon and cardamom. The subtle tones of juniper, lemon and lavender are clearly noticeable.


Organic vodka is made after a traditional Russian recipe of organic wheat, yeast and water. The full, soft flavour is only accomplished after a whopping five-time distillation process in small batches.

•  Dark Rum

Dark rum is made from organic molasses and cane sugar with the oak maturing an accessible and soft dark rum arises. This rum has a soft texture which blends beautifully with the authentic flavours of oak and caramel.

•  White Rum

This white rum consists of 38 % of alcohol volume. The short oak maturing an accessible and soft rum arrises, which gives this rum a soft texture which makes this white rum ideal for cocktails and long drinks, or on the rocks.

BioSpirits range of liqueur consists of Whiskey liqueur, Coffee liqueur, and Apfelkorn.

•  Whiskey liqueur (ABV – 25%)

This organic whiskey liqueur is made from our own, organic single malt whiskey. The sweet and subtle whiskey flavour goes great with a nice cup of coffee.

•  Coffee liqueur (ABV – 25%)

This organic coffee liqueur is made from pure, organic Arabica beans and a subtle hint of vanilla.

•  Apfelkorn (ABV – 18%)

Apfelkorn is a sweet apple-flavoured liqueur made from Dutch organic apples and organic wheat alcohol. The true organic Apfelkorn made from organic apples.

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Biospirits is an exhibitor at the 2019 International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show, London. To set up a meeting with them, get your visitor pass today.