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Cantina Cortecchia – A Winery in the Heart of Romagna, Italy

Cantina Cortecchia - A winery that produces & commercializes wine distributed in national & foreign markets.


The Cantina Cortecchia is a dynamic reality which has been able to grow and develop over time. The company is now managed by the second generation of the Cortecchia family and pursues a policy that combines tradition and innovation.


The history of Cantina Cortecchia begins in the 1950s when Cortecchia Fulvio together with his brother Domenico decided to set up in business as traders of bulk wine obtained from the family’s vineyard. The Cortecchia brothers deserve every credit for their vision, as do their heirs for keeping the vision alive. The devotion to hard work has forged the method, the respect, and the persistence which over the years have constantly driven the Cortecchia family to look for new growth prospects.

Cantina Cortecchia is going to exhibit at the 2019 Internation Bulk Wine and Spirits Show in London,UK on March 11-12, 2019. To meet them at the event, register your Visitor Pass HERE 


In the constant effort to strike the right balance between tradition and innovation, Cortecchia operates an ‘open-minded’ business policy.

Cantina Cortecchia operates according to these basic rules: learn, research, understand to keep pace with the rhythms and ever-changing needs of the international market. The Company is continuously investing in human and structural resources to offer even better guarantees of the quality and authenticity of the bulk wine they sell. 

Research and Balance


The winery Cantina Cortecchia produces and commercializes approximately 450.000 hectolitres of bulk wine distributed in Italy and in foreign markets where the demand for quality products is constantly growing.

Cortecchia' Family

The agricultural holding Cortecchia cultivates its own vines which are located on the hillside in one of the most fertile winegrowing areas of Emilia Romagna and are planted in clay loam. The vines are cultivated directly by the Cortecchia family to obtain the maximum expression of the grape quality extremely rich in the varietal aromas that are characteristic of the local terroir.


Cantina Cortecchia produces a number of wine products made from grapes processed on the estate or from intermediate products like must, partially-fermented wines and selected wines from the leading Italian and European producers. 

It’s the exceptional flexibility of the production processes that enable Cortecchia to offer a vast range of products.

Products of Cortecchia



The Cortecchia Cellar has invested over the years important financial resources for the technological renewal of its production and control facilities in order to meet the demands of the global market and to guarantee the quality of its products in an ever faster market and demanding. 

Cortecchia's Technology

Cortecchia’s winery has a total production capacity of 22Million liters and is equipped with the following technology:

• A modern delivery bay and grape processing plant 
• Latest-generation tangential filtration units
• Refrigeration facilities: used during vinification for controlling the fermentation temperature of musts, and for storing finished products
• A refining section for high-end products, where the wine is aged in oak casks in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment 
• A tartaric stabilization system Latest-generation concentrator with cold evaporation for preserving the varietal typicality


Cantina Cortecchia ships the wine under the client’s own arrangements or by their own company arrangements via long-standing agreements with national and international freight companies.


Cantina Cortecchia offers a range of services for external clients such as:             

• Grape processing 
• Storage and conservation of products 
• Private Label and Own Brand products 
• Wine processing services such as filtration and tartaric stabilization 
• Oenological consultancy

Cantina Cortecchia is an exhibitor at the 2019 International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show, London. To set up a meeting with them, get your visitor pass today.