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Global Spirits – Leading Producer of Alcohol Beverages

Global Spirits – The Biggest International Alcohol Holding in Eastern Europe.


Established in 2008, Global Spirits is an international alcohol holding company, which unites the Khortytsia and Odessa Cognac Factory, and the Ukrainian Distribution Company.

Global Spirits ranks as one of the top 500 companies in Europe and has offices in New York, Moscow and Kiev, employing over 5,000 people. The company’s annual volume exceeds 12 million cases, with distribution in over 87 countries.

Global Spirits is the owner of number of enterprises for the production of vodka, tinctures, cognacs and brandy, wines, champagne, vermouth and low-alcohol drinks.

Khortytsa Distillery:

Khortytsa Distillery is the leading producer of alcoholic beverages. The construction of Khortytsa Distillery turned out an important event in the alcoholic beverage industry. The first piece of the product came off the conveyer line in December 2003, exactly one year after the construction start. The plant was constructed from scratch, following a unique design, in a carefully selected place.

Khortytsa distillery was built from the ground up featuring a unique design on a carefully chosen piece of land. The distillery was named after the legendary island of Khortytsa, Ukraine’s natural and historical marvel.

Khortytsa is the #1 best-selling vodka brands in Eastern Europe and the #3 best-selling vodka brand in the world. Khortytsa is the best in the world of vodka which embodied the philosophy of total quality. “Khortytsa” has the high-quality raw materials, the latest technology, the unique bottle design that is admired in the world centres of industrial design and the best experts in the industry.

Khortytsa Distillery has the capacity to produce 16 bottles of vodka per second. The average conveyer speed is 30 m/min. Hundreds of different recipes are owned by Khortytsa Distillery for production of alcoholic beverages. The total storage capacity of the plant is 1,000 m3, 100,000 dl, or 1,000,000.

The production and technological laboratory is responsible for supervision of all process parameters, material and stock quality assurance, and control of semi-finished and finished products.

Odessa Cognac Factory:

Odessa Cognac Factory is the oldest cognac production plant, the cognac production flagship in the USSR, Tsarist Russia, and today’s Ukraine. Its prominence is due to the legendary cognac dynasty of Nikolay Shustov entrepreneurs. Nikolay Shustov trademark history takes its rise in 1863.

Odessa Cognac Factory has the full production cycle following the French classical technology. It has vast areas planted with premium vineyards (about 1,000 ha) and the oldest park of cognac barrels.

Factory specialists grow grapes (the company has its own agricultural sector), process it into cognac spirits, vat, create unique blends, bottle cognac on filling lines, and sell through its own distribution network.

There are alembics made of red copper and installed in the new production shop (young cognac spirits is produced in this apparatus). They were manufactured in the legendary Charente. Alembics were set up and started by France-based Prulo Company which is the fashion queen in the cognac distilling equipment production.

Global Spirits Brands


Global Spirits portfolio includes successful vodka brands: Khortytsia, Pervak, Morosha, and Hetman. Each brand has a unique concept. All products are of the highest quality, which is confirmed by hundreds of awards of national and international tasting competitions.

1) Vodka “Khortytsa Classic”

The peculiarity of Khortytsa Classic Vodka lies in the exact dosage of each component. Earlier, the dosage which was used to apply estimating it “by eye” is now measured by modern technologies. The old classic vodka preserves the unique flavour due to usages of oatmeal and sugar syrup.

2) Vodka “Khortytsa Platinum”

Vodka “Khortytsa Platinum” is created by applying silver and platinum filtration technology. It contains succinic acid which ensures perfect balance of vodka taste and all components.

3) Mint flavored vodka “Khortytsa Silver Cool”

The uniqueness of vodka Khortytsa Silver Cool lies in the sevenfold water purification which gives the drink special transparency and silver shine. The use of aromatic alcohols, green mint and menthol ensure the feeling of freshness and coolness.

4) Vodka “Khortytsa Absolute”

Vodka “Khortytsa Absolute” is created by using structured water to the maximum matching structure of water in the human body, ensuring, therefore, better absorption. Hortitsa Absolutna has pure and soft vodka taste without foreign flavors.

5) Honey pepper flavored vodka “Khortytsa Pepper Honey Hot”

Ukraine's first vodka with a natural pepper inside has a maximum reflection of red pepper piquancy along with retaining its natural taste. Khortytsa Pepper Honey Hot combines green mint coolness, hot pepper and smooth flavor of lime honey.


Brandy category is well represented in the whole world except the post-Soviet countries, where only the name of ‘cognac’ is widely used. The belief that the brandy is significantly inferior to the quality of cognac is fundamentally wrong. At the heart of the manufacture of these two beverages is the identical technology of distillation and aging of cognac spirits, the experts underline.

1) Odessa Brandy X.O.

Odessa Brandy X.O. is produced of not less than 8 years average age brandy spirits. The taste of Odessa brandy if mild and completed.

2) Odessa Brandy V.S.

Odessa Brandy V.S. is produced of brandy spirits not less than 3 years aged. This brandy has slight tones of reservation. The taste of this brandy is harmonious and completed.

3) Odessa Brandy V.S.O.P.

The brandy’s blend consists of cognac spirits aged in oak barrels for at least 4 years. The bouquet is delicate and expressive, and the taste is mild and harmonic.

Sparkling Wine:

Global Spirits Holding produces champagne and sparkling wines under the brands of OREANDA and San Martino. Products are produced by the classical Charmat champagne process, which preserves all the freshness and lightness of taste.

1) Odessa White Semi-dry Sparkling Wine

Odessa White Semi-dry Sparkling Wine combines a delicate and a wonderful piquant taste.

2) Odessa White Semi-sweet Sparkling Wine

 Odessa White Semi-sweet Sparkling Wine is golden in color and has a mild sweetish taste.

3) Odessa Brut White Sparkling Wine

Odessa Brut White Sparkling Wine is a crystal clear sparkling wine and has a delicate flavor of white flower

4) Odessa White Sweet Sparkling Wine

The grape for Odessa White Sweet Sparkling Wine is produced by elite grape varieties. Odessa White Sweet Sparkling Wine is golden in color and has a mild sweet taste.