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H. Erben Ltd: Experts in Bottling & Packaging Industries

H. Erben Ltd - An Established Industry Leader In Bottling And Packaging Industries.


 H. Erben Ltd was founded by entrepreneur Harry Erben. Over the last 65 years, the company has developed & diversified and is now an industry leader for closures, glass, and machinery for the bottling and packaging industry.

H. Erben Ltd History:

H. Erben Ltd was launched by Harry Erben and the company was registered on 25th July 1951. The first office was a single room above Leonard Lyle’s gentlemen’s outfitters on the corner of Brompton Road & Beauchamp Place in Knightsbridge.

In 1955 Erben supplies pressing & bottling machinery to Sir Guy Salisbury-Jones, who planted the first commercial vineyard in the UK for a hundred years.

In 1968, The Company relocates to a modern warehouse facility in Hadleigh, Suffolk and left its premises on Brompton Road. After 14 years in 1982, The Company enters the Californian market and an agency was established with the prestigious Cal Glass Company of San Francisco.

H.Erben LTD is going to exhibit at the 2019 Internation Bulk Wine and Spirits Show in London,UK on March 11-12, 2019. To meet them at the event, register your Visitor Pass HERE 

Innovative Closures:

H. Erben Ltd offers a wide range of innovative closure from a tin capsule to add that premium touch to a malt whisky, or a sleek aluminium cap to seal your latest artisan liqueur. H. Erben Ltd array of closures are suitable for every sector from wine & spirits, to the food & beverage industry, through to cosmetics, household products & pharmaceuticals, offering solutions for unique bottles and products.

1. Capsules
2. Bar Tops
4. Crown Caps
5. Corks
6. Sparkling Wine Foils
7. Wax
8. Revo
9. Brand Security


Glass & Containers:

H. Erben Ltd provides expert advice & guidance enabling to choose the right bottle for the product and design expectations. The Company has a beautiful range of premium bottles & containers available in a variety of capacities, held in UK warehousing.

1. Glass Bottles

2. Ceramic Bottles
3. Jars
4. Kegs
5. Bespoke Design


Erben Machinery and Spares has 65 years of Expertise in supplying the wine and spirits, soft drinks, food, cosmetics, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries with machinery and spare parts. H. Erben Ltd. offers a wide range of machinery and services tailored to the customer's specific needs.

1. Closure Application Machinery
2. Labeling
3. Packaging & Bottling Machinery
4. Wax Application
5. Spare Parts
6. GripTec
7. Ballistol

H.Erben Ltd. Laboratory:

Erben has state of the art laboratory equipped with the latest technology devices to be able to respond to any quality and technical enquiries.

H. Erben Ltd. Laboratory

The laboratory contains a number of instrumentation/test rigs including:

1. Digital vertical profile projector with 10 x zoom lens
2. 2-single headed bench mounted capping machines
3. Memmert HCP246 Humidity Chamber
4. Egitron electronic bottleneck internal control reader
5. CPG 200 internal pressure reading gauge for cans or bottles
6. MBT-200 digital reader device for measuring glass thickness in bottles
7. SST-2 Secure seal tester
8. X-rite exact computerized Pantone reader/library
9. VAT-300 Digital perpendicular tester for glass bottles
10.Verivide lightbox

Logistics & Warehousing:

Erben manages the flow of product between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customer requirements. Shipping, Warehousing and Distribution are fundamental to our delivery success.

Tirage and disgorging Services:

Erben offers a bottling solution to vineyards, distilleries & brewers throughout the UK. Below are the seven production steps:

Step 1: Neck Freezing
Step 2: Disgorgement
Step 3: Dosage
Step 4: Cork and Wire Hood Application
Step 5: Agitator
Step 6: Washer and Air Drier
Step 7: Laser


Laffort was created in Bordeaux in 1895 and has played a fundamental role in the developments in œnology that followed Pasteur and his initial discoveries.

• Oenology
• Laffort Fining Kits
• Laffort Test Kits
• Nobile

Design & Innovation:

H. Erben Ltd helps to create innovative packaging and unique designs for enhanced brand recognition and even greater customer engagement. The company offer industry-leading solutions which helps in developing the brands’ essence with sample graphics, colour swatches & prototype bottles supporting the creative process.


H. Erben Ltd. is an exhibitor at the 2019 International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show, London. To set up a meeting with them, get your visitor pass today.