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Herbal Alcoholic Beverages from the Heart of Nigeria

Seakam Global resources are the producers of Alcoholic Whiskey and Herbal Liquor from Nigeria.


SEAKAM GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED was founded in the year 2011. They have grown to be the special producer of Nigerian alcoholic whiskey and herbal liquor, serving millions of customers both home and abroad.

They established their trademarks in three marques namely; BAJINOTU POKA ALCOHOLIC BITTERS, DORO BITTERS, BAJINOTU NON-ALCOHOLIC, BAJINOTU POKA WHISKEY. They are committed to presenting your reviews, opinions from their dedicated industry experts, tenacious staffs to their warm customers. Their on-trade and the corporate market specialized team are ever available to speak with on enquiries about their services.
Their product has experienced remarkable growth over the past years, besides their testimony lies in word of mouth and good customer reviews in terms of price and reliability.

They are producers and marketers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The operations of SEAKAM GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED are manned by time-tested professionals in the business and in the industry. This is a key factor to a success story which they intend to maintain.

They produce and market top quality beverages at a purpose-built distillery located in OGUN STATE Nigeria. Their products are available in the West African sub-region as well as overseas in USA, CANADA, SYDNEY and so on…

They have a network of highly mobile salesmen and executives based at their various depots and an array of distributors spread all over the country.


  • Boosting iron in the body
  • Treating insomnia
  • Soothing stomach issues
  • Promoting flawless skin
  • Relieving stress
  • Blood Sugar Regulator



BAJINOTU POKA Herbal is not just blended liquor, but its 375ml strong herbal and bitter qualities attest for its potency in the test. Their blend of filtered ingredients comes in different flavours to taste your sense of taste. This fortified bottle contains a natural herb which is very good for your body system; its herbal constituent is undeniably helpful in the relaxation of your body and mind for improved productivity and performance.


BAJINOTU POKA is their top brand alcoholic bitter liquor; this drink has been awarded as the best herbal drink most especially for everyone. They have compiled their extraordinary ingredients over the past years to provide expansive benefits in one bottle. BAJINOTU POKA herbal liquor contains natural ingredients which help in body relaxation and improved functionality of some body organs. BAJINOTU POKA is marked as the indigenous herbal alcoholic drink paving the way in the Nigeria Market making men leaders in their erotic business.


Their joy is in blending liquor to produce smooth pot distilled drink. Their filtered and distilled ingredients leave you craving for more. Their bottle is rich with complex and balanced savoury ingredients creating an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy DORO BITTERS anyway you desire; either alone, mixed with a flavoured mixer, or soda. Always engage this bottle during sophisticated gatherings and memorial assemblies.


BAJINOTU POKA NON-ALCOHOLIC Bitters is a dark coloured full herbal drink with a bitter-sweet and appetizing aroma. The brand is for the class of consumers who desire if for its quality restorative and aphrodisiac values. Basically, targeted at the young, trendy and inspirational men and women who want to be on top of their game while maintaining an active lifestyle.