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Introducing Advanced Beverage Technologies of California

Advanced Beverage Technologies – World Leader in Flavour & Alcohol Management Services


Established in 2017, Advanced Beverage Technologies (ABT) is a holding company and the management hub of various related enterprise. The ABT group provides bulk product & services to wine, spirits, beer, soft drinks and (soon) juice producers, using unique “molecular separation” technologies to remove undesirable compounds.

Advanced Beverage Technologies is a holding company that includes 27-year-old company, Cone Tech Inc. pioneered the application of complementary patented technology and process for removal of excessive alcohol without the slightest loss of aroma or flavor. The skills of six enologists have also complemented the technological leadership by developing reduce alcohol and zero alcohol in premium California wine. As the world leader in providing this service to the wine industry and as a standard winemaking tool in various countries, ConeTech was later instrumental in bringing the same techniques and services to the American tea and coffee industries, with revolutionary effect.

Another holding company is SpiriTech, which is will on the way to revolutionizing the economics and the natural flavor management of distilled spirits production. Also a new subsidiary, JuiceTech, devoted to the creation of low sugar fruit juices. Additionally, a ConeTech division is specializing in the creation of “adult soft drinks”, besides an equipment leasing division.

Advanced Beverage Technologies is going to exhibit at the 2019 Internation Bulk Wine and Spirits Show in London,UK on March 11-12, 2019. To meet them at the event, register your Visitor Pass HERE 

Another highly successful subsidiary is PolarClad Inc. which specializes in a high tech proprietary system of insulation for wine tanks and other liquids, besides exclusive representation of the world’s most rapid but gentle mixing system for delicate liquids.

ABT Products & Services:

Advanced Beverage Technologies products include wine-based non-alcoholic sparkling sangria soft drinks, low-alcohol lifestyle wines, and a premium grape vodka that includes the essence of white wine delivering the flavor, aroma and taste of the varietal it is made from.

Wine & Beer:

ConeTech Inc., pioneer of alcohol adjustment- alcohol reduction with 100% preservation of aroma/flavor. ConeTech is the world’s first serious and largest user of Spinning Cone Columns to manage alcohol levels in premium wine. Many of California’s top-selling wines use ConeTech’s services. More recently, ConeTech has expanded its services to the beer category. Further improvements in technologies and an extension of its product skills have led to adjustment and removal of alcohol from beer.


In partnership with a true scientist in the distillation field Larry Wu, ABT formed SpiriTech with the help of Wu’s improved and extended ConeTech’s skills and its range of technologies into spirits, and made an unprecedented discovery — how to achieve “molecular separation” in distilled spirits, in such a way as to enable creative emphasis on certain particularly desirable flavor compounds, while reducing or eliminating “undesirables”.

Soft Drinks:

ConeTech’s ability to “naturally dis-assemble” wine and wine-based beverages has led to successful development of a potential new generation of sophisticated “adult soft drinks” — with absolutely no alcohol at all, but which nonetheless embody the subtle and delicious fermentation flavor nuances that, for centuries, have delighted countless millions. ConeTech has made possible the first zero alcohol sparkling wines which are dry and as compatible with food and with social occasions as good wine has always been. ConeTech also offers a delicious sparkling zero alcohol Sangria which is not cloyingly sweet and appeals even to “sophisticated” palates.

Fruit Juice:

JuiceTech is another ABT subsidiary, formed for the commercial development of a unique and proprietary system created for the removal of much of the sugar (and thus calories) in fresh (not from concentrate) orange juice.

Equipment Leasing:

ABT began commercial deployment of the GoLo™ patented technology and process for its own use, in 2017. ABT will make its latest proprietary technology and process (GoLo™) available for leasing.

Storage and Mixing:

PolarClad Inc. is another ABT subsidiary, which provides a highly successful, proprietary, high tech tank insulation system, now in widespread use by scores of major wineries throughout America’s west coast.

Advanced Beverage Technologies is an exhibitor at the 2019 International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show, London. To set up a meeting with them, get your visitor pass today.