Photo for: JF Hillebrand: Providing Safe Beverage Logistics

JF Hillebrand: Providing Safe Beverage Logistics

JF Hillebrand is a Germany based logistics company, solely dedicated to transporting beers, wines and spirits.


JF Hillebrand was founded in the year 1844 at Mainz, Germany. Since 1844, they've been entrusted to ship wines, beers and spirits around the world. Passionate about what they do, they continue to evolve and innovate to be the best company to work with and for. They're here to make shipping beverages easy for everyone. What do they do? Shipping products that need special care around the world are the foundation of their business, and they have been building upon it since 1844.  By dedicating their services, solutions and people to the beverage industry, they can focus their innovations and expertise on the global management of wines, beers and spirits.

Their teams apply the same care and attention to the transportation of beverages as a brewer, winemaker or distiller does in their creation. Over the years, their business has been built on relationships.  Their account management teams and operational staff want to understand your business, become part of your DNA and work for you. Their organisation operates within every wine producing area around the world and is present in every country where beer and spirits are crafted.  This strategic positioning of their offices means they can manage your shipments from origin to destination.

At JF Hillebrand, they blend expertise and passion to help preserve the quality of your valuable wines, beers and spirits, as well as innovative solutions for managing the complexities of global beverage shipping

They understand that beverages are sensitive products, which is why they transport them with care and precision, to maintain their quality and freshness.


JF Hillebrand History

  • Logistics solutions

They understand the culture and operational processes of every business is different, which is why they tailor their logistics solutions to the requirements of each customer. Their teams are specialised in managing beverages and know the challenges of transporting them within the global environment. Working in partnership with them, you'll have their full support to streamline your processes, optimise the supply chain and grow your business.

  • Technology

They empower their engineers to develop products and tools that preserve the quality, taste and freshness of your beverages whilst they are in their care. The focus of their Service and Innovation Team is to research potential risks in global shipping that could cause leakage, secondary fermentation, deterioration in quality and other detrimental factors. The results of this research allow them to design and manufacture products to protect your wines, beers and spirits so they arrive in optimum condition.

  • Managing your shipments just got easier

They want your experience of working with JF Hillebrand to be easy, reliable and informative. With myHillebrand you are in control, every step of the way. You'll have access to your shipments, wherever they are in the world. Track every movement with accurate, live data that’s quick to access and simple to manage. They make it possible for you to view all your orders, receive update notifications, view invoices and more. All in one online platform. Accessible from your desktop or mobile devices. You can rely on their exclusive beverage services. They'll take care of your wines, beers and spirits when transporting them around the world, so that they arrive safely, on-time and in optimum condition

Transport options

Choose a service that’s right for you, whether you are shipping beverages in bottles, cases, pallets, containers or in bulk

  • Customs clearance

Ensure your cargo moves quickly and safely across borders and fulfils local customs requirements

  • Insurance

Select an insurance policy that offers compensation in full in the unlikely event of a claim

  • Border crossings and customs

The global supply chain of alcoholic beverages has very specific requirements in terms of customs, duties and excise handling. They have a JF Hillebrand office in every market where alcohol is crafted or consumed.  This is so that they can support and guide you through local and international shipping regulations and legislation. With them, your wines, beers and spirits will move swiftly and safely to their destination.

  • Pallets and cases

They'll collect your wines, beers and spirits from where they're made or stored, consolidate them in a JF Hillebrand warehouse into one container or trailer and deliver them to their destination.