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MGP - Producer of Distilled Alcohol and Food Ingredients

Kansas based food and beverage company, MGP produces and supplies distilled spirits and food ingredients.


MGP Ingredients is headquartered in Atchison, Kansas. MGP began its operation in the year 1941 as a small distillery operation in the heart of America’s grain belt. It was founded by Cloud L. Cray, Sr., who felt the Company’s location and existing infrastructure were an ideal base from which to grow a successful business that would serve the needs of its customers.

From its inception, MGP has maintained a strong family-oriented culture, kept intact by three generations of the Cray family.  This has greatly influenced the Company’s attitude and resilience in the face of various challenges, including periods of major domestic and global economic downturns. Collaboration and the ability to adapt to change are hallmarks of MGP’s culture and principal reasons behind its success and longevity. 

Today, the Company is a leading supplier of premium distilled spirits with a speciality in wheat proteins and starches. MGP’s beverage alcohol is the source of some of the finest vodkas, bourbons, gin and whiskeys in the world. These outstanding products benefit from decades of experience and are produced through a combination of science and art. These products include many proprietary formulas tailored to customers’ exact specifications.

MGP’s speciality wheat proteins and starches are created for use within a wide range of food and beverage products as well. These speciality products provide a variety of benefits such as making foods more nutritious and appealing in taste, texture and appearance. Additionally, MGP’s world-class Research and Development team assists customers at any stage of the innovation cycle, helping commercial food manufacturers around the globe develop new or enhanced products to align with consumer demand. MGP’s business foundation is mainly set on serving companies that produce branded consumer packaged goods. This extends across a variety of product categories, mainly in the distilled spirits and food segments.

As a leading supplier of premium bourbons, whiskeys, gins and vodkas, they likewise match their capabilities and expertise to the specific needs of their customers in the distilled spirits industry, helping their efforts to bring their own distinguished brands to the market.

MGP has an employee strength of 320 strong people who are responsible for the company`s success.

MGP is a leading U.S. supplier of premium bourbons, whiskeys, distilled gins and vodkas

  • Largest U.S. supplier of rye whiskey
  • Largest U.S. supplier of distilled gin
  • Largest U.S. supplier of speciality wheat proteins and starches

While MGP’s core spirits business is focused on supplying premium products to their branded partners, they also offer their own limited portfolio of premium spirit brands. Their current portfolio – consisting of TILL® American Wheat Vodka, George Remus® Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Remus Repeal Reserve® Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Tanner’s Creek™ Blended Bourbon Whiskey, and Rossville Union Master Crafted Straight Rye Whiskey – is in select markets.

George Remus

Roseville Union

Tanner`s Creek Blended

American Wheat Vodka

As another expression of their passion for what they do, these brands further reflect their expertise, long history and unique capabilities as a leading producer of premium distilled spirits.

MGP Ingredients is an exhibitor at the 2019 International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show, London. To set up a meeting with them, get your visitor pass today.