Photo for: Na Cuana is at the Forefront of Craft Beverages in Ireland

Na Cuana is at the Forefront of Craft Beverages in Ireland

Na Cuana is an Irish company specialized in the production of craft beers, whiskey, cider and cream liqueur.


Na Cuana is a family owned Irish company who specialise in distilling whiskey and gin at their Boann Distillery, brewing craft beer at their Boyne Brewhouse, cider making at their Adams cidery and Irish Cream Liqueur production at their Merrys liqueur.

Adams Cider Company

They take great pride in crafting their cider, using methods passed down from generation to generation. Their orchards in Co. Meath and Co. Tipperary comprise of many different cider apple varieties allowing them to blend their own recipes.

Boann Distillery

Opening late 2017, their Drogheda based facility will include a craft whiskey distillery and craft brewery. Their architecturally designed visitor centre will host distillery and brewery tours, a 120-seater restaurant, whiskey bar, beer taproom and private event space. Boann Distillery is a family company, born and believed in by Patrick and Marie Cooney, along with their family; Sally-Anne, Celestine, Peter, Patrick and James.

With a combined wealth of experience, including forty years in the Irish drinks industry building up the Gleeson Group from a small independent bottler to a company with a turnover in excess of €300 million per annum, the Cooney family understands what it takes to create successful, premium brands. John McDougall is an internationally renowned master distiller and consultant at their distillery. John has been head-distiller at The Balvenie, Laphroaig, Springbank, Tormore and Plymouth Gin and the only man alive to have distilled all five types of Scotch whisky and also Irish whiskey. He brings a wealth of knowledge to their project and has been key in developing the unique proposition that will be their whiskeys. Their shared passion and his wealth of knowledge mean each detail at Boann Distillery has been meticulously considered. It has always been a family dream to craft and distil their very own Irish whiskey. Their specially designed and distinctive nano-copper pot stills and fine oak cask cellars, ensure they produce a whiskey of distinct character with a real sense of place.

Boyne Brewhouse

Their Boyne Brewhouse craft beers are available nationwide in a bottle and on draught. A range of seasonal brews and canned craft beer to follow. All brewed to original recipes at their brewery in the Boy. Their craft brewery is located in the heart of the Boyne Valley in the province of Leinster, Ireland-a land steeped in legend and mystery.

With a three vessel 35HL Kaspar Schulz brewhouse at its heart of Boyne river and using traditional brewing methods, they use only the finest raw materials and Boyne Valley well water in all of their beers. Their brewhouse has dual mash conversion/kettle with a separate lauter tun and whirlpool. They have average ferments of eight days and conditioning times of 14—21 days. They bottle, can and keg all their beers in-house on the most sophisticated independently owned packaging lines in Ireland, to ensure consistency and the highest quality standards. Their head brewer, Richard Hamilton originally studied Philosophy at TCD before he decided to pursue his real passion, brewing! He was formerly the brewer at Craftworks, a small contract brewery in Dublin, where he had the opportunity to brew many different types of beer for many different companies, picking up several medals at the Dublin Craft Beer Cup along the way. Richard loves brewing (and drinking) all different types of beer, but he has a particular soft spot for the Belgians. Working alongside Richard is Bill. Bill is a Londoner who, having studied History, started a career in education before he realised beer was his future. He appreciates all styles of beer but has a particular interest and expertise in cask ale. Before joining Boyne Brewhouse, Bill was a brewer at Redemption Brewing Company in London.

Robert A. Merry & Co. Ltd.

Nestled in the Golden Vale of Co. Tipperary, it’s where they make their range of award-winning Irish Cream Liqueurs. At Robert A. Merry & Co., they are proud guardians of a long tradition of trading in premium quality alcohol beverages, stemming from a Spirit and Wine Bonder business and the historic Merrys Tavern established in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland in 1868.

The Merry family nurtured a reputation as purveyors of fine spirits — a tradition that continues to this day. They insist on using only the finest natural ingredients in Merrys Irish Cream Liqueur and they blend and craft these to their special recipe. The result is a liqueur of truly exceptional balance and taste — the superiority of which has been acknowledged by a multitude of international awards.