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Presenting World’s 5th Largest Scotch Whisky Manufacturer

Whyte & Mackay distribute their Scotch Whisky in over 50 countries and is the 5th largest Scotch whiskey manufacturer in the world.


Logo of Whyte and MackayWhyte & Mackay have long been associated with top-notch blended whiskeys specializing in the triple maturation process. They distribute their Scotch Whisky in over 50 countries and is the 5th largest Scotch whiskey manufacturer in the world. 

Whyte & Mackay creates the whiskey for a smoother, richer taste using the finest ingredients. This Scotch Whisky manufacturing distillery is located in the heart of Glasgow where they have been for over 170 years. The company employs over 470 people across the country and owns 5 distilleries and a state of the art bottling plant.

Whyte and Mackay- A journey from Grain to Glass

The River Clyde is where the story started, an area better known for its shipbuilding. So when James Whyte and Charles Mackay saw an opportunity to provide the hard-working residents of Glasgow with an alternative to Cognac, they launched their superior blended Scotch Whisky. And as the population of Glasgow grew, so did the popularity of Whyte & Mackay. And today Whyte and Mackay stand 5th in largest Scotch Whisky manufacturer in the world.

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The process of Distilling the Blended Scotch Whisky

With choosing the finest aged single malts and aged grain whiskeys from two of Scotland's most famous distilling regions, Highland and Speyside. The malt whiskey and the grain whiskey is then carefully aged separately. Most blended whiskeys stop at this stage but Whyte and Mackay add an additional step. The final chapter of the maturation story sees the marrying of these two different whiskeys in sherry casks. This triple maturation process produces a whiskey rich in color with golden highlights, round and full on the nose with smooth, rich flavors of honey and fruits. Triple maturation gives this its unique character and depth of color; pouring a medium amber the nose is expressive with pepper, light peat, and citrus aromas.


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