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Savio S.R.L – A Company Into International Alcohol Market

Savio S.R.L. – A Company In Chatillon For Over 55 Years In The International Alcohol Market.


Savio S.R.L. was founded in 1958 by Paolino Savio and has always dealt with the marketing of liqueurs, sugar and coffee. The Company is located in Chatillon, in Aosta Valley, in the North Western area of Italy, right on the border with France and Switzerland.

Paolino Savio started as a coffee brewer and then decided to introduce the sugar and even the trade of spirits, both nationally and internationally, developing a wide range of clients who, at times even became suppliers.

In the 90s, the keen business skills of Marco Savio, son of Paolino Savio, has contributed to the development of new products and brands, Génépy to Vodke and Rum. Marco dreamed of leaving his native country to seek adventure and opportunity. Marco becomes a jet-setting spirits importer and exporter, traversing the globe to find the rarest, most exquisite libations and introducing them to the world. Determined to find a distiller and blender capable of producing the most exquisite rums available, Marco met and hooked up with the legendary Cuban Rum-maker, Francisco “Don Pancho” Francisco Fernandez.

Savio S.R.L is going to exhibit at the 2019 Internation Bulk Wine and Spirits Show in London,UK on March 11-12, 2019. To meet them at the event, register your Visitor Pass HERE 


Savio S.R.L products are available on the main international markets, including China, the USA, and Europe. The products of Savio include:


Rum Malecon was named after a legendary street in the heart of Havana, Cuba. Rum Malecon is the combination of one man’s pure vision (Marco Savio, the Rum Malecon brand owner) and the other’s innate skill (Francisco Fernandez, the master blender). The Rum expresses a strong personality and a fine bouquet, comparable to the ones of the renowned cognacs. Malecon Rum is bottled at the peak of the ripening phase of every single barrel. The different types of aging from 12 to 25 years old are connected by the common values: the result of a distillation, ageing and selection process with no equals. 

Rum Malecon Reserva Superior:

Rum Malecon Reserva Superior

(I) 12 Years Old: Its round, full-bodied and scented taste marries perfectly with a splash of apple juice. This reserve is a good base to give roundness to the classic cocktails as well, such as Cuba Libre and the Mojito.

(II) 15 Years Old: Deeply amber-colour with golden highlights: Structured, but easy-to-drink rum. Well appreciated combined with tonic. 

(III) 18 Years Old: With a fragrant, aromatic bouquet, light and middle-bodied. Taste it straight or by following a traditional Creole style together with lime slices covered by coffee powder on one side and by cane sugar on the other.

(IV) 21 Years Old: It’s an intense and very persistent, a great example of well-balanced aromatic complexity. This rum is excellent if drunk straight, together with candied citrus fruit or diluted with a splash of cranberry juice.

(V) 25 Years Old: It has a sweet, balanced, delicate and very smooth: ideal for meditation. This rum is excellent with plain chocolate, candied-in-the-white-chocolate winter cherries, and big cigars. To be served at 20°C in the cognac balloon glass.

Rum Malecon The Rare Proof:

Malecon Rare Proof

(I) Aged 13 Years: Malecon rare Proof consists of 50.5% volume which is aged for 13 years. This rum is distilled in 2003 and has dark amber with golden highlights. It reveals strong and elegant scents on the nose. This is surprisingly easy-going overproof rum full of character and elegance. 

(II) Aged 18 Years: Malecon 18 years is distilled in 1998 is dark amber with copper glass. Its best expression is revealed by the woody scent and taste, together with caramel, peach, dates, and cocoa. Its higher alcoholic volume gives immediately a stronger character to this rum

(III) Aged 20 Years: Malecon 20 years is dark amber with brown highlights which is distilled in 1996. Its pleasant sweetness and the tannic notes enhance the taste of ripe fruit, leather, nougat, chocolate, vanilla, molasses, while the pleasant final is slightly bitter.

Rum Malecon Extra Seco:

A coupling of two, light and dry rums which can be perfectly combined with classic long drinks, tropical fruit juices or light drinks with a low alcohol content.

Rum Malecon Extra Seco:

Rum Malecon Licor De Ron: 

Licor De Ron is Bright golden amber in colour. This rum combines the taste of Rum Malecon to the sweetness of honey and vanilla. This rum has a candied and luscious flavour on the mouth.

Rum Malecon Anejo Denuino:

Intense colour, round taste, genuine aroma, like the name it is called after. This rum heats the senses and lights the emotions at every sip. The most suited for a Cuba Libre cocktail.

Rum Malecon Anejo 3-5-8 Anos:

Rum Malecon Anejo

The rich palette of aromas and the persistence in the mouth of their age make this Reserva the ideal drink for the consumer who wishes to discover the magic world of the aged rums. These rums are a master in satisfying both demanding connoisseurs and neophytes, and even the ladies who never drink digestive liqueurs


Malecon Selección Esplendida Reserves come from the Republic of Panama. These Rums have been bottled at the peak of their ripening process according to the Master Cantinero’s choice after a long ageing process in precious oak barrels. These Rums are the extraordinary outcome of a superb tradition and of particular vintages obtained from sun, heat and humidity, which have contributed to the production of sugar cane and distillates whose qualities exceed any Master’s parameters.

Malecon Selección Esplendida

(I) Malecon Selección Esplendida 1976: Malecon Selección Esplendida 1976 is a 30-year vintage rum from Panamese producer Malecon. This rum is Mahogany based colour with golden amber high-lights. On the palate, it is luscious, warm and balanced with flavour of caramel toffee, toasted coffee beans, and appealing spicy finish.

(II) Malecon Selección Esplendida 1979: Malecon Selección Esplendida 1979 is Dark amber in colour with slight golden highlights. This rum is the result of an extended ageing process translating into rum with great but mild personality, affable to the point of putting ease during consumption. On the nose, it has a clean scent of caramel, spices and fruit.

(III) Malecon Selección Esplendida 1982: Malecon Selección Esplendida 1982 represents one of the most valuable “masterpieces” a true treasure. It is Mahogany in colour with golden highlights verging on amber. The aroma shows up sharp and alokoholate, while the caramel smooth’s the alcohol strength, making room for woody and buttery sensations.

(IV) Malecon Selección Esplendida 1985: Malecon Selección Esplendida 1985 has amber colour with golden highlights. This rum has notes of vanilla and apricot, citrus fruits and banana make room for a long, persistent finish of tobacco and chocolate.

(V) Malecon Selección Esplendida 1987: Malecon Esplendida 1987 possesses delicate aromas and unique taste, which is well appreciated by most experienced connoisseurs. On the palate this rum it reveals the persistency with a pleasant bitter aftertaste in evolution on hot spicy notes, sandalwood and tobacco, licorice and chocolate, dry and very well balanced.


Ron Malteco, a unique distillate produced in Panama, is the skillful outcome of Guatemala Maestros Roneros’ ancient art. Fresh cane juice and high quality yeast, distilled by column still, let ageing on the Panamanian hillsides – all this combined with the choice of the best bourbon barrels ensure divine nectar. Ron Malteco logo is the stylized image of the resplendent Questzal bird.


(I) Ron Malteco Anejo Suave 10 Years: Ron Malteco 10 Años is the concept of a complex, high-class room that can easily compete with fine whiskeys. After its complicated distillation, they mature Malteco for 10 years in selected oak barrels. Ron Malteco is produced by the same as Ron Zacapa. This rum has a soft and sweet flavor with an amazing finish, with hints of chocolate and vanilla.

(II) Ron Malteco Reserva Maya 15 Years: Malteco Reserva Maya 15 Anos Rum from Guatemala is dark tinted rum that has been aged in oak barrels. This rum has a very soft, pleasant and abundant in flavor with a delicate sweetness and long, light chocolate tones.

(III) Ron Malteco Reserva Del Foundador 20 Years: The Ron Malteco Reserva del Fundador is made from selected sugarcane and pure clear water. This rum matures for twenty years in selected oak barrels. Its aroma is elegant and complex. It ranges from exotic fruits to vanilla and almond.

(IV) Ron Malteco Reserva Rara 25 Years: Ron Malteco 25-year-old rum comes from Guatemala. It is distilled from molasses, and then dries in oak barrels in a very specific place - the caves, which are 2300 meters above sea level. Malteco Reserva Rara is very fresh and aromatic rum, full of charming sweetness.

Rum Malteco Selección:

The Rum Malteco Selección collection is the quintessence of Ron Malteco spirit. Rum Malteco Selección represents the spirit of the adventurer: a strong yet elegant selection of rums made with fresh cane juice and high-quality yeast, distilled by column still.

Rum Malteco Selección

(I) Rum Malteco Selección 1980: The Malteco Selección from 1980 is produced by the distillerie Licorera Quezalteca, which belongs to the Association of Distilleries of the country. This rum was stored in American white oak barrels at a height of 2,300 m. The enormous height has a strong influence on the maturity and such stored rums develop different flavors than barrels that store at sea level.

(II) Rum Malteco Selección 1986: Rum Malteco Selección 1986 was distilled in 1986 and was bottled in 2016. This rum is amber in colour with highlights stolen from the Caribbean sun. It has intense aromas of vanilla, wood, caramel, walnuts, pepper, ripe fruit, leather, sweet biscuits being mixed together for a luscious palate.

(III) Rum Malteco Selección 1987: Rum Malteco Selección 1987 is deep amber in colour with golden highlight, rich and complex, elegant woody and suavely smoky.

(IV) Rum Malteco Selección 1990: Rum Malteco Selección 1990 was distilled in 1986 and was bottled in 2017. This rum has sweet aromas of vanilla and molasses and fine spices.

Malteco Seco Puro:

Malteco Seco Puro is excellent white Guatemala rum made from pure virgin cane syrup. Rum smells fresh with a mixture of tropical fruit and light minerality. The taste is light, fresh and fruity

Malteco Viejo Dorado:

Malteco Viejo Dorado is excellent Guatemalan rum of a blend of top rum at the age of 5. This rum is spiced with a delicate scent of cloves, caramel, exotic fruit. On the palate, you will discover a spicy aroma of spice, fruit and a touch of chocolate. It is light, sweetish but also raving and stingy.

Malteco Spices and Rum 8 Years:

Malteco Spices and Rum is aged for over 8 years in American oak barrels, which is married with tropical spices, including cinnamon, vanilla, and cloves.

Savio S.R.L. is an exhibitor at the 2019 International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show, London. To set up a meeting with them, get your visitor pass today.