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Vinicola San Nazaro - A Winery in Pegognaga, Mantua

Vinicola San Nazaro – A Leading Italian Company Producing High-quality Wine & Musts.


Vinicola San Nazaro was founded as a traditional winery for the production and selling of Lambrusco wine, which has now led to the production and marketing of high-quality wines, musts and concentrates, rectified and tannins. The company is a leader in the production of authentic, high-quality wines, musts and must concentrate, which can satisfy new market needs.

Vinicola San Nazaro works in three owned factories that are based in strategic areas for winemaking: the establishment in Arco (Trento) is only a deposit that in Rubiera (Reggio Emilia) is the administrative headquarters and one in Pegognaga (Mantova) that is the main plant for production.

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The goal of Vinicola San Nazaro is to produce increasingly high-quality products, which can meet special demands from both Italian and foreign clients.


In 1920, the Denti family-owned vineyards in the countryside of Reggio Emilia, in which they use to produce wine for the family and sell the surplus to the local market. During that period, they started to transport their wine barrels from Reggio Emilia to Milan.

In 1947, the two brothers Roberto and Artemio bought a winery in Rubiera, in the province of Reggio Emilia, to produce wine from local grapes and then sell it wholesale to companies in Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy. As the winery became insufficient for their on-going wine production the two brothers moved to Pegognaga, in the province of Mantua. 

In 1963, a new factory was opened in Riva Del Garda, in the province of Trento, in order to reach new market areas and produce different types of wine. 

In 1975, Giuseppe and Giuseppina introduced new products and quality control technologies into their traditional winery, which led Vinicola San Nazaro to become a leader in the production of wines, grape musts and concentrated grape musts.


Vinicola San Nazaro uses the material and energy sources for the development of clean, environment-friendly technologies and processes. The new application used by the company helps them to reduce the production waste and minimize the energy required. The Solar hot water systems have been installed to reduce the consumption of methane gas and a wastewater treatment plant has just been installed in view of minimal environmental impact.

At the same time, Vinicola San Nazaro is planning to install photovoltaic solar panels to cut electricity demand.


Vinicola San Nazaro produces and sells: fresh and/or desulphurized white and red musts; concentrated white, red, dark red - rossissimi – musts; deionized grape juice; white, red, rosé table wines; dark red –rossissimi- wines; full-bodied wines with high content of extracts and polyphenols; and wines with a Geographical Indication - DOP (Protected Origin Denomination) and IGP (PGI Protected Geographical Indication).

Dark red Wine – Rossissimo:

This grape, the variety of Lambrusco wines, has a high content of anthocyanins, the molecules responsible for the colour red, and a high concentration of polyphenolic compounds.

A dark red wine -Rossissimo, is the ideal product for the refining and correction of wines that are poor in body, texture, and colour. Rossissimo stands out for its particular colour intensity and its purplish-red shade.

It is offered in different typologies according to the intensity of colouring from 25 to 45 IC and different alcoholic degrees. It may also undergo malolactic fermentation. This wine Rossissimo can be delivered centrifuged or micro-filtered.

•  Lambrusco – PGI Product

Lambrusco is historically the most valuable and important wine of our production in terms of quantity and quality. PGI Lambrusco has been available in different variants: dry, sweetened (product ready for refermentation), still or sparkling (ready to be bottled).

Types of Lambrusco – Vinicola Production:

1. Emilia IGP
2. Mantova IGP
3. Daunia IGP
4. Puglia IG

•  Table Wines

Tables Wines are obtained by cold fermentation of soft pressed must. Vinicola San Nazaro proposes different types of table wines, which are noted for fresh, fruity aromas and different colour intensities.

White Wines: They are typically light straw-yellow coloured, with intense floral, fruity flavours and good total acidity.

•  PGI Varietals

Vinicola San Nazaro produces and sells different types of wines, also under the Protected Geographical Indication, which are listed below.

1. PGI Emilia Wine
2. PGI Trebbiano wine 
3. PGI Cabernet Veneto or Cabernet delle Venezie
4. PGI Merlot del Veneto or Merlot delle Venezie
5. PGI Sangiovese Puglia and PGI Dauniga

•  Special Wines

Vinicola San Nazaro also produces and sells special wines which differ in quality and characteristics.

1. Sweetened Wines: Different types of sweetened wines are produced according to the customers’ requisitions, which are ready for refermentation in pressure tanks.
2. Sparkling Wines: Since 2013, a group of pressure tanks is been used for the sparkling winemaking process for PGI or table wines.

•  Musts

Vinicola San Nazaro produces and sells different types of grape must: white, red, rosé, dark red - rossissimo - and PGI varietal. Vinicola San Nazaro’s catalogue includes following musts:

1. SO2 Added Muted Musts
2. Fresh Musts
3. Desulphurized Musts

•  Concentrated Musts

Vinicola San Nazaro produces and sells white, red, dark red – rossissimo - grape juice concentrates, PGI varietal concentrated musts, grape concentrated without sulfur dioxide, concentrates for the production of balsamic vinegar and rectified concentrated must.

White, Red, and Dark Red Grape Juice Concentrates: The concentrated musts are obtained by partial vacuum dehydration of grape musts. Concentrated musts is possible to obtain in different colour according to the original type of must, ranging from extremely white musts to dark red musts - rossissimo, obtained by the concentration of Ancellotta grape must.

•  Tannins 

Vinicola San Nazaro is able to produce its own line of grape tannins after investing time and resources in Research and Development projects.

Tannins are used in the wine-making process to clarify wines and stabilize their protein content. They can also improve the organoleptic properties of wines as well as their colour stability - both white and red.

Vinicola San Nazaro offers five different types of grape tannins extracted from a balanced mix of grape seeds and skins, with different peculiarities of use:

1. Tanuva
2. Tanuva “S”
3. Tanuva “L”
4. Tanuva “B”
5. Tanuva “T”


The Vinicola San Nazaro, winery in Pegognaga, province of Mantua, spreads over a total area of 30,000 square meters. Its storage capacity has steadily increased over time up to the current volume of 220,000 hectolitres.

The “historic” area of the winery has a capacity of 50,000 hectolitres thanks to concrete tanks vitrified with alimentary epoxy resins, which are partly underground in order to keep the internal storage temperature constant throughout the year.

Tanks in AISI 316 stainless steel have been installed around the central building, most of which are equipped with jacketed heat exchangers to cool or heat products in summer and winter - the installed refrigerators can develop 1 million frigories.


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Vinicola San Nazaro offers different types of packaging and transport means to deliver their products. Below are the few transportation means offered by Vinicola San Nazaro:

1. Tankers
2. Refrigerated And Non-Containers
3. Flexitanks


Vincola San Nazaro is an exhibitor at the 2019 International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show, London. To set up a meeting with them, get your visitor pass today.