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Why Attend IBWSS UK

Here are some of the top reasons for wine and spirits buyers to attend IBWSS UK 2023

Meet top world wide bulk suppliers and learn about the state of the market in our Conference

Here are 10 reasons for wine and spirits buyers to attend IBWSS UK 2023.

After the Covid lockdowns the global trade shows are back open and ready to do business, but if you are drinks buyer in the UK focused on securing volumes of bulk and private label wine and spirts then the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show taking place in the UK in November 2023 is a must attend event. Here are 10 reasons why.

1 IBWSS remains the only exclusive show in the UK that is focused 100% on the needs of bulk wine and sprits buyers, providing them with the opportunity to meet key producers and service providers dedicated to their needs. 

2 IBWSS is the most cost effective trade show for buyers to attend as it is only open to exhibitors that are primarily involved in producing bulk wine and spirits and can provide them with an experienced level of service.

3 This is the first time the IBWSS has been held in the UK since 2019 and the subsequent Covid lockdowns giving buyers their first chance in four years to hold face to face meetings with bulk wine and spirts producers operating in the UK market. 

4 The Beverage Trade Network that organises the IBWSS has built up a highly competitive database of all the major bulk wine and spirits producers, contract manufacturers and service providers that are focused on the UK market. 

5 IBWSS 2023 is being held alongside a new breakthrough event - UK Trade Tasting - that is open to all drinks producers across all categories, providing one trading floor, split in the middle providing bulk wine and spirts on one side and branded and all drinks sectors on the other.

6 Buyers will be able to attend a number of talks, debates and presentations as part of the IBWSS Conference that will give them the chance to get on top of all the issues and trends that are driving the bulk wine and spirts sectors forward. 

7 Buyers looking to develop their own private label ranges, or to create an exclusive brand for their retail, on-trade or distribution business will be able to meet exhibitors with the experience and capabilities to provide private label and branding services. 

8 The IBWSS show is being held over two days in November 2023 at a central London venue giving buyers the time to plan their schedule and hold effective and efficient meetings as well as take advantage of the UK Trade Tasing take place at the same time.

9 Buyers can also take advantage of the meetings service provided by the Beverage Trade Network where they can work with the organisers to set up their own bespoke meetings programme that allows them to cherry pick the producers and suppliers they want to talk to and fix a time to talk to them.  

10 The two-day IBWSS is a free trading event for buyers to attend. All a buyer needs to do is register and they will get access to the exhibition floor for free.

IBWSS UK 2023 and UK Trade Tasting are both taking place side by side on November 15-16, 2023.

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